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simple portrait


detailed portrait


half body


full body




real life portrait
(human or pet)


additional info

All given prices are for ONE character. To include more than one character in one image you'll have to pay an additional 100% price of the commission per character; for example a waist up illustration of two characters would be 160€ (2*80€).The price of a full illustration depends on the complexity.Commissions are fully digital, meaning that at the end you'll receive a high resolution PNG file to do with as you please.However, commissions are for PERSONAL USE only. Using them as profile pics/banners/whatever is fine as long as you credit me.To buy a commission for commercial use email me with an offer, above prices don't apply.The finished commission will be posted on my social media unless specified otherwise.

how to commission me

Email me at [email protected] with a short description of what you want to commission and reference pictures. Please include "COMMISSION" in the subject, otherwise I can't guarantee your email won't get lost in the abyss of my inbox.

stuff i won't draw

celebrities/public figures
anything NFT/crypto related
anything offensive
elaborate backgrounds/outfits/props with NO REFERENCE